September 22-24, 2019 Munich


We are thrilled to be able to welcome back all of our old friends and future new friends to Oktoberfest 2019. This year we have brought back our warm up party in Las Vegas in January at the Hofbräuhaus in Las Vegas.  But we can’t take credit for it because it was all thanks to the people who sponsored it. AgeChecked (who made sure the Vegas warm up actually was going to happen), Grooby, Epoch, Gamma, Chargeback Help, The Dating Network and Xcash all chipped in so we could recreate the fun of Munich.

Last year we thought Munich was going to be difficult because of the timing. While some people couldn’t join us we still managed to have a number of new folks join that helped make the event a success. The timing again this year is not great but initial feedback from a number of sponsors and guests are guaranteeing that it will be a success and back to full attendance. We are planning for 60 people but we might be going as high as 80 depending on the demand and the availability to get tables.

Now for the details on how you can join us. Once again the focus is on the sponsors. They are in charge of determining who will be attending. They create the guest list. If there are available seats after they have filled out their guest list it will then be open to those who have registered on a first come first served basis. Registration fee will be €100.00 for access to each tent seating and all the beer one can drink. There will also be lunch or dinner included as well.

With that said, if you want to come to the greatest event in the world you can do the following:

  • Become a sponsor. This allows you to bring multiple guests. Contact Joel at Gamma ( for opportunities.
  • Find a sponsor that likes you and has room.
  • Fill out the form below and ask to be included on the guest list.

We will get back to you quickly. To be safe, you can also contact Joel at Gamma ( or Ed at The Dating Network ( to make sure the form you filled out was received. If these two had as many brain cells as they have combined pounds they could probably find a cure for multiple diseases. Instead you can trust them to make sure that your registration will be handled.

The Oktoberfest

We are going in to our 3rd year of The Oktoberfest Gathering. With the help of a number of great people we have been able to pull it off.
We have had some obstacles yet somehow managed to make sure everyone was happy and that it was worth their time, effort and most importantly for the sponsors, their money. We think we are going to be able to put something on better than the previous years based on what we have learned. As long as Oktoberfest isn’t officially canceled the event itself makes it impossible to screw up.

A number of us arrive in Munich on the Friday before Oktoberfest starts for a free-for-all dinner at one of the great biergartens in Munich.
At this moment it is not a sponsored event but that may change depending on interest and how many people show up. 
Last year there was a dozen of us and it was a nice relaxed dinner before the ensuing chaos.

Opening night of the fest is Saturday the 21st. We are working hard to make this the official opening night of the Gathering by securing a number of tables. We have 2 tables guaranteed but if we can get that number to 6 or 8 tables then this will become the first official night.  


Schedule Info


Unofficial night where early birds can get together for dinner at one of the best biergarten’s in Munich. Join if you are in town. Just let us know you are going to join, so we can modify the reservation.


Opening night. At the moment not an official night for the Gathering, but that may change. Check back.

  • Watching the parade.
  • Walking to the grounds after the parade and getting in to the tent.

  • Evening seating starting at 16:30. Walking from the show registration and meeting point at Le Meridien at 16:00.
  • Beer, dinner and beer is being served at Löwenbräu-Festhalle.

  • Lunch and beer starting at 11:00 at Löwenbräu-Festhalle.
  • Dinner moves over to Ochsenbraterei. If you are at Löwenbräu-Festhalle you can walk over easily. If you have not joined for lunch a hostess will walk you from Le Meridien at 16:30 to the reservation.

  • Last night festivities will be held at the Hofbrau beer tent. We are leaving the meeting point at Le Meredien at 16:00 to walk over.


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